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Here's what you'll find inside the April 2014 issue of Leadership & Management Review...


• The ten steps to lead your company out of a crisis
• Growing leaders at every level
• CEO tenures: are you sure you’re still the right person for the job?
• How to emulate extraordinary leaders

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• How to build a culture of quality for your organisation
• Want a high-performance team? Learn the art of empowerment

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• The common errors made by novice entrepreneurs
• Branson’s tips for entrepreneurial success
• The top ten mistakes to avoid when setting up an online business
• Tips on structuring your startup the right way

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• How to show your organisation is serious about innovation
• Building your innovation team – the four characters you need

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• How leaders can break their bad habits
• Why bureaucracy’s days are numbered
• How much of a game-changer is remote leadership?

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Thinking Managers • Leadership & Management Review

You can make a good case for using business management consultants. They are not committed either emotionally or intellectually to the status quo.

Not only can they see what changes are needed for business development, but have acquired expertise - which their hosts have not - in structuring a change programme, selling it to the participants (willing and unwilling), and easing the strains and pains the change is bound to bring.

But the consultant is, of course, tied to the people who pay the fees. If the executive managers can't make a clean break from the past, all the management consultants in the world can't help to achieve radical change in business strategy.

But supposing we give you the ammunition, the logic and procedures to introduce 'best practice' techniques into your work practices? As an insider, could you make change happen?

Suppliers to a leading UK debt advice charity are using techniques from Thinking Managers to increase efficiency and response online.

Thinking Managers provides solutions to hundreds of common management problems. Most managers are far too busy to do our kind of investigative business management analysis. And we are the best, by far, at doing it.

Online gift shop DotComGiftShop doubled their sales of Mothers Day gifts using the ideas from a single Thinking Managers article.

Our writers give examples of bad practice so you'll avoid making the same mistakes as others. Then they offer guidelines for a way forward to help you achieve quality management. You'll build a substantial workbook of best practice procedures for every important aspect regarding the management and development of a successful business, including:

Creativity • Decision Making • Lateral Thinking • Priorities • Problem Solving • Risk Strategy • Change Management • Crisis Management • Human Resource Management • Management Consulting • Management Styles • Management Theories • Management Training • Performance Management • Quality Management • Risk Management • Strategic Management • Total Quality Management • Business Analysis • Business Consulting • Business Development • Business Ethics • Business Intelligence • Business Law • Business Magazines • Business Management Skills • Business Strategy • International Business • Internet Business • Online Business • Small Business • Corporate Acquisitions • Corporate Communication • Corporate Culture • Corporate Restructuring • Corporate Responsibility • Corporate Turnaround • Entrepreneurship • Leadership

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