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Business management

Good business management requires flexibility as it is a fluid activity rather than a fixed one.

Unlikely as it may seem, trial and error is effective as a means of business management training. If fact, you have to be prepared to get it wrong. Business managers with long records of high achievement, like Steve Jobs of Apple and Pixar and Nike co-founder Phil Knight, have made mistakes that they have been forced to correct. They have had to change their strategy and adjust to new circumstances on more than one occasion. In fact, Jobs was even thrown out of his own company for a while.

Thomas Watson, founder of IBM, once observed that success is found on the far side of failure. This represents a double lesson in business management. First: you have to persevere though every setback; secondly, learn from all the mistakes you make.

You have to endeavour to find out what works. You can learn from successful management models used by others but also develop your own by experimenting and carefully judging the actions and the results.

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