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Management Philosophy

Although managers often regard themselves as doers and people of action rather than thinkers, management philosophy is nevertheless important to most bosses. In fact, you might say that managers are more susceptible to ideas than any other group of professionals.

However, this also means that managers are often fooled into believing that the answer to their problems and the route to success is the latest cure-all Japanese management philosophy, or whatever.

In truth, managers have to develop their own personal management philosophy from their experience as well as that of others. So what is your management philosophy? Before you answer that question, you need to realize that thought alone is not enough. You have to consider your practical requirements and use the thinking process to learn from results. That learning should then feed back into a deeper understanding of your work.

How well you learn from others also depends on you. Approach the lessons they teach in the same way you approach your own experience. Test what is being advised against the practicalities of your job and organization. Use what works and allow it to inform your managing philosophy.

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