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the global leadership failure



Over-population and population growth=QUANTUM that fuels Economic Growth

Economic Growth is Quantum that causes environmental terrorism

Thus the advocates/promoters of Economic Growth are Terrorist Leaders

Talking about the Environment/Poverty/Hunger without addressing overpopulation and population growth is nothing but publicity seeking posturing

Today there are more poverty stricken people on the planet than the entire world population 50 years ago. Poverty was and continues to be the consequence of over-population beyond resources.

75% of all countries are food import dependent. Fresh water shortages are increasing everywhere.

Yet ever more land stolen from fellow species is wasted on biofuels and golf courses.

Real poverty is environmental unsustainability/eco-terrorism which today affects all humans.

The political charlatans calling for eradication of “material” poverty know that the ensuing trade/mass-consumption explosion would wipe out the global life support system/biodiversity/resources and accelerate carbon emissions/climate change turning the planet into a desertified concrete bunker surrounded by forests and seas of infernal, rusting wind turbines that cannot be retrofitted.

Currently there are some 1000 million (1 billion) unemployed humans in search of work with another 1000 million (1 billion) teenagers in the pipeline over the next ten years.

The fact is that every new job created is another nail in the planet’s coffin.

There is only one way to reduce poverty, unemployment, carbon emissions, natural habitat destruction and bio-diversity extermination and that is by reducing overpopulation, i.e. balancing population with resources, the natural habitat and


Economic growth is Population Growth is Environmental Terrorism.

You couldn’t expect the World Bank President, his ignorant G8 cronies, the UN mafia et al to admit the unequivocal fact that all money is made from planet destruction and is recycled into planet destruction regardless of intent or purpose.

Current overpopulation and population growth with its intrinsic growing consumption quantum inflate the global money supply within


that fuel natural habitat/biodiversity extermination/pollution/waste = planet destruction.

The United Nations crime syndicates spend billions to promote and sustain the human population explosion that has and continues to accelerate the global extermination of Nature and Extinction of Biodiversity.

Since the 2nd World War humans have tripled their population and caused more natural habitat/biodiversity destruction, pollution and toxic waste since the time they crawled out of the sea as slimy salamanders and evolved in the planet’s most corrupt, destructive and

all-devouring species.

In Pursuit of Self-righteousness – the global affliction and victimisation

A brief reminder from Felix Leisinger Founder of

Self-righteousness is contagious, infectious and spreads exponentially. An epidemic that is undermining, corrupting, debilitating and self-destructive.

It’s ultimate fate is Entropy = zero at absolute zero = irreversibility.

The self-righteous global debt culture imposed by the self-serving, power-crazed, political racketeers and their banking acolytes whose “economic growth and anything goes as long as it creates jobs” policies fuel the environmental holocaust and foster the criminalised business climate to sustain debt-laden, environmentally bankrupt, natural resources depleted national economies caused by overpopulation and unsustainable state promoted population growth

- bearing in mind that every additional job is environment destructive -

this global human ego-crime-culture is replacing the natural ecosystem with cement, plastic, steel, aluminium, glass, concrete and asphalt structures surrounded by agri-chemical/feedlot mass production factories constituting the expanding global environmental destruction engine fuelled by over-population and population growth. Architecture died with Gaudi and was replaced with planet-destructive vandalising brutalism reflecting the decimating global human quantum impact.

This global “economic growth” madness is promoted as beneficial for the planet by the OECD charlatans.

Debt is never “repaid” other than with more debt through the so-called debt-swap culture which fuels planet destruction and massive underlying inflation: what were millions 50 years ago were billions 20 years ago and are now trillions. While the growing over-population driven mass consumption drives down costs of cheap’n’nasty throw away consumer goods as markets are saturated with ever more rubbish for sale; land and finite resource based assets are exponentially increasing in costs as scarcity sets in. The global Debt Culture has criminalised global business and corrupted “environmental governance” as debtors become blackmailers because their only way out is to take on ever more debt to expand their rackets and the “employment” they provide within a global growth balloon that must constantly be supplied with more “consumption zombies” - regardless of the destructive environmental quantum impact - hence the desperate breeding policies of the political associates in crime.

The most cynical self-righteousness is demonstrated in the fanatic fervour shown by the criminals in their pretences for environmental concern without a population reduction policy when even a child can work out that increasing the already unsustainable over-population and its commensurate consumption quantum will increase the destructive environmental impact and that includes such mad schemes as covering the planet in infernal, ocean/soil contaminating wind turbines and other resource depleting technology to sustain over-population and population growth thus creating a new holocaust for ever more victims.

The worst perpetrators call this “imagination at work or innovation”.

All this so-called environmental technology is a growing part of the global industrial resource depletion/pollution engine that cannot be retrofitted when resources have run out and thus is just another short-term palliative to mislead the masses through the conniving media barons who are bombarding society with trivia, localised absurdities, extraneous irrelevancies and general disinformation - when not glorifying the human overpopulation driven planet destruction activities - to prevent a cohesive and comprehensive understanding of the global reality.

If the daily worsening global environmental reality was given as much media coverage as sport –humans might wake up and realise that the nightmare is real and that over-population and population growth is making everything worse.

But then you could not expect professional liars to ever speak the truth.

Self-righteousness has produced global overcrowded, over-bureaucratised, unhealthy, polluted, resource depleted and depleting, wastelaid, traffic congested, mind-altering/disturbing, infernal, crime/violence/war/drugs riddled, survival of the sly, double-talking, double-faced, dishonest, quick buck, propaganda driven, “news/entertainment/extortion rackets” infested, debt-financed, create the needs and then give to charity with one hand while stealing with the other urbanisation culture that was previously called “civilisation” by the naïve and ignorant of the planet’s most over-populating and over-proliferating self-serving, self-destructive species called humans

= now just global hongkongisation from Dubai to Shanghai to Benidorm etc.

Humans are the only species that maim, torture and kill to do good.

They maim, torture and kill animals to do good to themselves.

And they maim, torture and kill humans for “freedom, liberty, religion, resources and

human rights”.

Unlike any other animal the human animal maims, tortures and kills to sustain its unsustainable over-population and over-proliferation that is wiping out the remains of the natural habitat that constitutes the global life support system on which all life depends in a global scenario of victimisation.

All major mammals other than the humans and feedlots are now on the path to extinction as their natural habitat is being destroyed by humans for humans.

In a Nazi-style assertion of ultimate self-righteousness humans have determined that the species and environment destructive quantum impact of their over-population can be solved with more species and environment destructive quantum in the form of more natural habitat destructive technology and job creation to sustain the global population growth that fuels the so-called global “economic growth” that causes the ecological holocaust.

Like the Nazis - today’s humans see themselves as the global master-race that has inalienable exterminating rights over all other species and nature to sustain its ongoing over-population:

ignoring that the consequential natural habitat destruction, deforestation, loss of photosynthesis, desertification, salinization, the chemical poisoning and polluting of the air, water, soil and food chain, the toxic, radio-active waste mountains, the resource and ozone depletion, global warming, climate change will turn the Earth into an uninhabitable planet Mars. Since the 2nd World War humans have tripled their population and caused more natural habitat/biodiversity destruction, pollution and toxic waste since the time they crawled out of the sea as slimy salamanders and evolved in the planet’s most destructive species.

The global human pandemic spreads its diseases like Sars, Avian flu, BSE, Aids, Tuberculosis etc. as part of the global throw away mass-production, mass-consumption quantum growth frenzy that is deliberately promoted by low interest debt financed socio-economic-political powerplay accompanied by the usual dishonest catchphrases of “sustainable development, environmental governance, low carbon economy, ecological leadership” etc.

it is self-evident that the 4000 million (4 billion) humans in the “developing” countries want and are encouraged/misled by the MBA/Harvard etc. educated sales gumps to aspire to the western, debt-financed mass-consumption zombie lifestyle that pervades the mega slum cities lifestyles to keep the environment destructive, wastelaying, exploding world economy growing/booming/borrowing:

what is kept secret is the fact that the consumption quantum of these 4000 million people

- the world’s biggest ever human TSUNAMI - when fully developed -

will more than double current resource depletion, natural habitat destruction, fellow species extermination, toxic and radio-active waste, global warming and climate change resulting in more poverty, more overcrowding, more disease epidemics and a global deterioration of quality of life.

But you couldn’t expect the World Bank President and his ignorant G8 cronies et al to admit that all money is made from planet destruction and is recycled into planet destruction regardless of intent or purpose.

Today there are more poverty stricken people on the planet than the entire world population only 50 years ago.

And less than 10% of humans die of old age.

Yet the political/religious mafia, charlatans and nazis that build their power bases on the existing unsustainable human over-population of now more than 6600 million are not only condoning the insanity of more than 150 million additional humans born every year but do everything to promote and debt-finance breeding in their own overcrowded and over-populated backyards for the same perverse reasons as Hitler:

to foster nationalism and economic growth and power.

Entropy cannot be avoided unless the heat is reduced:

it means less humans and hence less victims for more equality amongst all species including nature.

We call for free global contraception and free safe abortion on demand

accompanied by a maximum one child policy per female

and a no pregnancy policy under the age of 35.

Felix Leisinger Founder of

Your report is good but

Your report is good but negative minded.

Is this article written by

Is this article written by Dr.De Bono. I can't beleive it.


It is a reader's comment

No, Rajesh. There is nothing on this page De Bono. It is readers' comments, just like your question. You can see the writer's name at the start.

RE: Global Leadership Failure

This article is full of misinformation, contradictory statements and untruths. It is impossible to gather the energy to respond (although the facts are widely available) to sentence after sentence of inane figures.

As a past fan of De Bono's work, my question is, "Why would you print this crap on your website?" Even if we presuppose no prior knowledge of the topic, and therefore must take his ludicrous statements as 'facts', the article provides strong and undeniable evidence that all sense of rationality has fled the author's mind. We suspect this terrible loss of inductive reasoning power has left him long ago, given the time and energy needed to compile so much malarkey.

That guy doesn't teach, does he?

Global leadership failure

This was too polemical, with too many strident terms, to continue reading - although I endorse the sentiments Dr John Carlisle Sheffield

Convincing yet confusing

As a layman caught in web of global environmental terrorism (as author describes it) I'm forced to turn a deaf ear to his convincing plea about protecting the global ecosystem and intrinsic processes by reducing population. The reasons for this don't arise from the fact that I distrust what the author claims but I find it hard to accept that any one theory can be panacea for ailments and it would probably take executive policy decision which would offer customized solutions to different problems within a common objective of global environmental harmony. Honestly, I'm confused thoroughly by floating theories on global environmental and feel very insecure about the human existence on this planet. And ultimately my only natural instinct is to ensure that I survive and do whatever it takes to prolong that objective and I fear that when push-comes-to-shove the larger population in this world would feel the same way.

"There is only one way to

"There is only one way to reduce poverty, unemployment, carbon emissions, natural habitat destruction and bio-diversity extermination and that is by reducing overpopulation, i.e. balancing population with resources,"

Wow that seems just a bit over the top!!! So let me get this straight. The author Advocates population control, no new housing or development, and no manufacturing. So, what is next selective extermination? Ok we will start with you... This is my first visit to this site and the last.

Always the same argument

Crazed environmentalists always advocate these measures. Systematically kill off selected individuals for "population control," and yet they never want to step up and be counted amongst the chosen. Yet another hypocrite with misinformation and a self-righteous attitiude. I couldn't even finsh the page, I was so sick.

And by the way, if you are going to suggest something that you yourself won't willingly go along with, at least make it a plausable solution. So we kill off millions of people so those left have a better life, but now what do we do with all the bodies? And all the belongings and possisions of the deceased? And what about all the waste and "evironmental desruction" that is going to come from trying to kill of those people who don't want to be chosen, because you know a war will ensue following such an absurd descision.

Pathetic. Utterly Pathetic.

Always the same dumb response

Why is it that one only has to mention population control to get some dummy ranting on assuming that a case is being made for exterminations and other forced measures. No doubt this response reveals a lot about the said dummies. Their readiness to jump to such a conclusion perhaps indicates that this would be their prefered way of going about it should they one day 'come to see the light'. Clearly it is beyond them to perceive of a caring programme of education and encouragment for the greater good.

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