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Leadership & Management Review is a simple way to keep up to date with the latest articles and features from the most respected business management journals, such as Bloomberg Business Week, Forbes, Fortune, Harvard Business Review, Management Today and The Economist.

In each issue of Leadership & Management Review you will find summaries of the best articles from the world's business media. If you want to read more on the subject, it's a simple case of clicking on the links provided and you will be taken to the orginal feature.

Leadership & Management Review is your 'one stop shop' to keep abreast of the latest thoughts, theories, innovations and developments in management.

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Here's what you'll find inside the April 2014 issue of Leadership & Management Review...


• The ten steps to lead your company out of a crisis
• Growing leaders at every level
• CEO tenures: are you sure you’re still the right person for the job?
• How to emulate extraordinary leaders

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• How to build a culture of quality for your organisation
• Want a high-performance team? Learn the art of empowerment

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• The common errors made by novice entrepreneurs
• Branson’s tips for entrepreneurial success
• The top ten mistakes to avoid when setting up an online business
• Tips on structuring your startup the right way

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• How to show your organisation is serious about innovation
• Building your innovation team – the four characters you need

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• How leaders can break their bad habits
• Why bureaucracy’s days are numbered
• How much of a game-changer is remote leadership?

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