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The Thinking CEO

The Thinking CEO is a powerful resource for anybody who wants to be, or work for, a better informed, better equipped and more effective Chief Executive.

The Thinking CEO contains articles written by leading experts in their fields. Start reading now. You will learn:

How to drive for innovation with Peter Fanning transforming Government procurement, Eddie Obeng (Pentacle the Virtual Business School) surviving to evolve, Simon Jones (Inctinos Innovation) turning innovation into profit, Alistair Schofield (Extensor) using brains to improve leadership and management and Derek Medhurst (D&D Excellence) following the principles of managerial excellence to achieve excellent performance.

Fix the finances with Joanne Segars (NAPF) on the long-term future of pensions, Eric Simonsen (Alix Partners) restructuring for turnaround, Terry Carroll (Eatonfield Group) recruiting the best employees and Tim Keogh (Mercer Human Resource Consulting) dealing with the pensions deficit.

Create profits with John Forbat's guide to entrpreneurial management, Keith Williamson (Alix Partners) guarding against overseas corruption, Professor Dan Jones (Lean Enterprise Academy) fixing broken business models with lean solutions, Professor Merlin Stone (WCL) and Dak Liyanearach's (LBM) ways to retain customers.

Achieve productivity through people with Deirdre Kenny (CTPartners) on the new CEO's first 100 days, Mick Marchington (Manchester Business School) going back to basics with HRM, Alistair Schofield (Extensor) making leadership training effective, John Fisher (Oxford Motivation) using incentive schemes to increase perfomance and profit and Cora Lynn Heimer Rathbone on the importance of formally developing even the most talented people when major change is afoot.

Win overseas with Marios Gregori (PKF) on how and why sales and leasebacks are back, John Sebastian making the case for Finnish FDI, Tobias Just (Deutsche Bank Research) analysing the attraction of German real estate, Nigel Wilcock's (Ernst & Young) winners and losers in Foreign Direct Investment and Dougals Beal and Tjun Tang's (The Boston Consulting Group) lessons for success from the Chinese banking market.

Successfully structure the business with Michael Izza accounting for corporate responsibility, Nick Dennis on the Inside Story of BS 25999, Lyndon Bird taking the lead with continuity standards, Gillian Lees (CIMA) on the strategic power of corporate finance, Lyndon Bird (Business Continuity Institute) continuing with the business, Fiona Czerniawska (Management Consultancies Association) and the reinvention of management consulting, Lynda Purser (IMC) and Dominic Moorhouse (Moorhouse Consulting) adapting to the changing role of consultants, Albert Humphrey (Business Planning & Development Corp) using teams to make strategic planning work and Bill Tate (Prometheus Consulting) placing leadership development within the context of organisation development.

Win with technology with Jonathan P. Bowen finding the abstract route to better software, Dennis Keeling on software and coping with the business burden, Jonathan Kinsella (HM Revenue & Customs) on podcast campaigns, Jim Greenfield (PKF) on fit, lean and thin communications, Sue Black (BCSWomen) stopping the IT brain drain, and Laurie Orlov closing the CIO-CEO gap.

Make virtuality pay off with Mark McGregor on business process in the boardroom, Martyn Hart on the pros and cons of outsourcing and offshoring, Paul Smith (Harvey Nash) successfully outsourcing to Vietnam, Bob Cecil's (EquaTerra) outsourcing best practice and a guide to offshoring success from Janmejaya Sinha, Craig Rice and Steven Thogmartin (The Boston Consulting Group)

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